Thursday, January 31, 2013

Justice for the Forgotten

It was three years ago when 11,303 untested rape kits were found covered with dust in a Detroit police evidence storage room. Fast forward to September 2012... a whopping 153 kits have been tested. 21 potential serial rapists have been identified, some matching the DNA in other similar pending cases. Keep in mind that those women who've found the fortitude to report their horrible misfortune to police have had their bodies treated as crime scenes, only to watch gigantic collective yawns in law enforcement circles, as their swabs and stats get filed away and forgotten. Not to mention that the perpetrators are still out there, abusing more women, changing women's lives, forever. Sadly, the problem is not in Detroit alone. 20,000 untested kits are estimated to be waiting in police storage facilities in Texas. Colorado and Arizona have massive backlogs too. Evolution means having compassion for your fellow humans. Can't we do better than this?

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