Friday, January 27, 2012

Beg, Buy or Borrow?

When Micki Krimmel purchased a $200 travel pack for her trip to Thailand a few years back, she realized she would probably only use it once. She took inventory of all the things she owned and realized the same was true for most of it - she spent a bunch of money to own something she only needed occasionally. She wasn't alone. People across the country are over-laden with stuff they've purchased but rarely use.

So she put together a team and launched NeighborGoods – an organization created to extract the latent value hidden in all our “stuff.” Last year, they launched nationally. NeighborGoods is like Craigslist for borrowing. Members can safely borrow a lawnmower, lend a bicycle, or earn some extra money by renting out their DVD collection. NeighborGoods provides all the tools to share safely and confidently including user ratings, privacy controls, and automated calendars and reminders to ensure the safe return of loaned items. "When we share our stuff, we get so much more for our money, we reduce waste, and we strengthen our local communities," said Krimmel. See for yourself, and be sure to share this link:

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