Monday, October 8, 2007

Taking the First Step

Taking the first step living more sustainably does not have to mean making a lifestyle change. To evolve, one only has to make one change.

The network of friends at Evolve is not by any means exclusive. Nor perfect. We aren't about dogma or definitions or judgements. We are about inspiring thought -- good healthy progressive positive thought. If you pick up a good idea from this site, our intention has become reality.

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Barb Franks said...

I love you site, and I am not afraid to evolve! My favorite saying is "Loving yourself Unconditionally is a Revolutionary Act."
An idea: Create a spot in your site for "Unusuables" where people could list things they no longer need (but don't want to create more trash)that others may enjoy!
EX: A porch longer needed.
Just pay it forward!