Saturday, October 27, 2007

Save A Shirt, Sew A Button

Have you ever given a shirt to Goodwill (or worse yet, thrown it away) simply because it was missing a button? I have. Lots of people have. I believe that people would rather the shirt not go to waste, and I believe people will pay a small amount to see that their shirt be re-used. After all, we drive to Goodwill, right?

Save A Shirt, Sew A Button is a non-profit organization that promises to place your shirt on a homeless person or un-employed person seeking work. Send us your shirt, we will sew a button on it, and give it to a homeless or un-employed person, as per your designation. Right now, a regular 8 1/2 x 11 flat envelope costs $1.81 to mail. That is probably less than what it would take to drive just about anywhere. Volunteers are ready to sew donated buttons on your shirt! Homeless and "Ready to Work" groups are waiting for shirts. Post a comment to this entry, or email the Evolve administrator for more details.

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