Friday, August 15, 2008

All Sheep Line Up Here

Government is an ongoing experiment in the sociology of controlling and predicting the masses. Evolving personalities will not simply read headlines and faithfully follow. Look deeper. There is more to be known.

A good example is the Georgia-Russia conflict. The U.S. mainstream media has been consistently biased in favor of Georgia - the portion of the country that actually desires independence from Russia. South Ossetia, which has remained largely loyal to Russia since being absorbed into Georgia with the split of the Soviet Union, should be allowed self-determination. If California were to break from the U.S. and SoCal wanted back in, you can bet George W. Hipocryte would be battling to get them back too!

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Masked Liberal Evangelist said...

I just can't say enough bad things about George Bush or Vladimir Putin.
check out a guy smearing peanut butter on his face while giving an astute description of the conflict at: